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The National Association of Educational Policy and Administration (ANPAE) is an academic civil society in the field of educational policy and management, which brings together educational scholars, university faculty and graduate students; policymakers and specialists of national and local school systems; and teachers and principals of schools and other social institutions of education and citizenship. Founded in 1961 by Brazilian university professors of school administration and comparative education, ANPAE evolved over the decades into a leading civil society in educational policymaking and governance.

ANPAE’s mission is to fight for the affirmation of the right to lifelong quality education for all, by participating in educational public policymaking and evaluation and in the formulation of democratic management practices, based on the principles of social justice, freedom and equality of rights and obligations in education and society.

To this end, ANPAE´s objectives focus on the professional improvement and companionship development of teachers and educational administrators; the development of exchange initiatives among national and international education associations and human development organizations; and the advancement of scientific research and dissemination of scholarly findings and innovative practices in educational policy and management and its processes of educational planning and evaluation.

Among ANPAE´s major activities are the Brazilian National Symposium on Educational Policy and Administration, carried out every two years since 1961, its international conferences and regional and local seminars, and its research projects and publications, with special reference to the Revista Brasileira de Política e Administração da Educação, a quarterly journal of opinion and research, which welcomes scholarly contributions on educational policymaking, administration, planning and evaluation.

As a Brazilian academic association, ANPAE carries out its daily activities in Portuguese, as mirrored in this website. Nonetheless, membership is open to scholars and educational practitioners of any country of the international community. Therefore, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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